Friday, December 22, 2006

In case anyone actually reads this...

here's something we can all do to help each other: don't spit. Especially on the floor of the boxing gym where I try to work out, free of other people's fluids. I don't like having to be careful where I put my bag because there are little piles of bubbly saliva in various spots on the floor. Is it not bad enough that the spin class instructor drips copious amounts of sweat in a spray-pattern around the speed bag where he sets up his bike? There's really no reason to ever spit except in case of a mouth-emergency. For example, you pick up a glass off of your desk, or off of the counter at home, that you think is filled with water that you had been drinking earlier, and instead, it has been replaced with urine. Then, feel free.

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Måne said...

I just want to tell you i read it! And i agree that spitting indoors is a nasty habit. Unfortunately i am not the one responsible for spit in your gym, so me reading this would not solve the problem. Keep up the "making the world a better place" thingy. its worth it.
/Matilda from sweden